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Night at the Gas Station - 3DS Max and Photoshop

 A video of a gas station convenience store I made in 3DS Max. With original textures and creative lighting it was originally inspired by the Jacket.

Futuristic Urban Decay - 3DS Max and Photoshop

This was made in 3DS Max was inspired by the Jacket.

The Jacket Storyboard - Micron Pens and Sony Vegas

This was made to share the story with dialogue and sound included. Here Kevan as a character can be seen as well as his story.

Future Cop - 3DS Max and Photoshop

This is a near future police headquarters. In this world cars were never invented and flying is the norm.

Crumble Gameplay Demo - Unity, Maya, and Photoshop

This was a video I took of the game play in Unity 4.0. I worked as Lead Designer and did much of modeling, texturing, and set up. This was an 8 person project.

Bigfoot Tried to Eat Me - Flash and Photoshop

This was a flash game made by me and 3 others. I did most of the scenery and came with the concept.

Tribesman Under Variety of Light - Maya and Photoshop

This was made in Maya and inspired by the tribesman model sheet.


3D Bouncing Ball - 3DS Max and Photoshop

This is a traditional animation of a bouncing ball in my tribesman home.


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