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Crumble is a game created in the Unity Game Engine by the Team Production class at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division. The player plays as a protagonist named Skully, an extreme sports athlete who got abducted by the aliens and was taken to an unknown world. Hexagon-shaped platforms are found floating high in the sky and they will immediately crumble once they is stepped on. The player’s main goal is to follow the alien’s “game” and survive without falling.

In each level, the player will start at the beginning and try to reach the end platform. There are some stationary platforms located throughout the level that never crumble and it will give a chance for the player to get some breathing room. The game will get harder and more difficult after each level, so it will be a test of skill for the player. On this project I was the Lead Designer who aided with texturing, assets, level design, setting up the levels, testing, and planning.

Here is a copy of Crumble's Game Design Document. It can show every aspect of the game in it's most basic form.

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